copy of common injuries in soccer (1)
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Anterior Cruciate Ligament, ACL Tear Injury
Physio demonstrating hamstring strength
Man in tennis sports to ace tennis elbow management.
Woman managing hamstring tear recovery
Young athlete weightlifting.
Man playing with golf at a playing field.
A man hitting a golf ball on a green field with a blue sky in the background
Man cycling on mountain.
Injury with ACL reconstruction.
Man sitting down and having an ACL Injury
plantar fasciitis
Representation of ankle sprains.
A hand shake and agreement with Physiotherapy team
Running after an ACL injury
Injury with ACL reconstruction.
A team playing basketball on the court and had sports injury screenings beforehand.
A youth focused on a computer and representation of someone that might have Youth Injuries
Old woman staying active and injury-free all day long.
A worker that experiences occupational rehabilitation.
Man in red shirt experiencing back pain and other injuries.
A representation of someone with musculoskeletal conditions
A person treating joint injury.
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