Q and A on Knee Osteoarthritis with James Buttacavoli

See James discuss Knee Osteoarthritis with answers to common questions we encounter in our clinic. See the video here:

https://www.facebook.com/PeakMSKPhysio/videos/752327861875140/We have also summarised information on maintaining healthy knee joints through life.

What can you do strengthen the knee and delay a total knee replacement (TKR)?
Have you been told that you have osteoarthritis in your knee and will need a TKR later down the track? If so, read on for tips on how to strengthen your knee and delay surgery. ‍⚕️
  1. Lose weight: The knee is a weight bearing joint so every time you take a step, the weight goes through the knee joint. Losing weight and reducing the load that transmits through the knee joint can significantly reduce knee pain associated with osteoarthritis and delay a TKR.
  2. Cardiovascular Exercise: Low impact aerobic exercise including swimmingcycling and the elliptical machine are all excellent low-impact activities to help shed any excess weight and keep the knees nice and healthy.
  3. Resistance Training: It’s important to strengthen the muscles around the knees including the quads, glutes and calf muscles to enhance function at the knee and prevent osteoarthritis from progressing. ‍♀️ ‍♀️
  4. Use assistive devices: Wearing a knee brace can reduce the pain associated with knee osteoarthritis and also support the knee to improve function.
  5. Physiotherapy: Physiotherapists can tailor a program specifically designed for you to reduce knee pain, optimise knee function and ultimately delay a TKR.

If you have any concerns regarding knee osteoarthritis or would like to book and appointment with one of our physiotherapists, give us a call on 9533 5305.

regards, James Buttacavoli BSc, DPT Physiotherapist

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