Peak MSK Physio is a leading Melbourne Physiotherapy and Osteopathy clinic that provides comprehensive assessment, diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of conditions. Our team provides outstanding sports, generalist and specialist musculoskeletal physiotherapy management and care.
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Sports Injuries

Stay in the game with expert sports injury management! Whether you're a seasoned athlete or just enjoy a friendly pick-up game, sports injuries can take you out of the game and impact your physical and mental well-being. With high-quality management from our physiotherapists or osteopaths, you can get back on the field, pitch, or dance floor as soon as possible. With a focus on rehabilitation and injury prevention, we'll help you stay in the game for longer.
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sports injury physio and osteo treatment for patients

Sports Injury Screening

Stay ahead of the game with pre-season injury screening! As seen in top-performing AFL clubs, pre-season injury screening is a crucial step in preventing and managing sports-related injuries. With a thorough evaluation of each player, our sports medical teams can identify and address potential injuries and strength deficiencies before they become a problem. Get back to your best faster with accurate baseline measurements and a personalised injury prevention plan. Don't wait, make pre-season injury screening a part of your game plan today!
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TMD and TMJ jaw pain

TMJ/TMD Jaw Disorders

Jaw pain can be present as a headache or pain along the face or jaw. Some people suffer ear fullness, joint noises or TMJ disc locking. Causes may include abnormal chewing behaviours, posture, and neck joint dysfunction. We examine for joint and muscle dysfunction to help you control and limit the problem and then use specific treatment to give you lasting relief. We also work with dental, medical or specialist practitioners when needed.
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GLAD Program for Osteoathritis

Osteoarthritis (GLA:D Program)

We offer the GLA:D®, which is an education and exercise program that has been proven to reduce pain, increase strength, and improve quality of life. With a track record of success, participants in the Danish Study reported better quality of life and delayed surgery for hip or knee osteoarthritis. Don't wait, join the program today and experience the difference for yourself!
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Manual Therapy

Get relief for joints, muscles, and nerves with manual therapy! Our structured and tailored treatment options use a combination of passive and active movements to provide you with the best possible outcome. From manipulation and mobilisation to stretching and massage, our expert therapists will create a personalised plan just for you. With the option to incorporate equipment and self-treatment techniques, continue your healing journey even outside of therapy sessions. Experience the benefits of manual therapy today.
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How is Back Pain affecting your Life? Peak MSK Physiotherapy is committed to helping you effectively manage your low back pain. We understand that each person’s back pain is as unique as their fingerprint and have therefore embraced this new technology, ViMove. With this we can help you manage your low back pain through understanding […]
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Telehealth for Physiotherapy


Stay connected to expert care with Telehealth services for physiotherapy and osteopathy! Whether you're unable to visit our clinic or prefer the convenience of virtual appointments, our Telehealth platform provides you with access to specialised musculoskeletal care from the comfort of your own home. Our therapists take a personalized approach, including tailored questionnaires, remote examination of your form and movement, and a custom program with follow-up sessions. Don't let distance or time constraints limit your access to quality care. Experience the benefits of Telehealth for physiotherapy and osteopathy today.
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Graded Motor Imagery

You have to move mentally. Just as movement and exercise are great therapies for just about any condition, working the synapses that hook up the nerve system has benefits too. ​Graded Motor Imagery is a three stage process to harness flexibility in the way the nerve system acts, to direct movement, posture, hormone production and a […]
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Pilates reformer class

Clinical Pilates

Clinical Pilates is a versatile exercise option suitable for people of all ages and abilities. Our clinicians incorporate Pilates exercises into a personalised treatment plan, helping you to move better, build strength, increase flexibility, improve posture and reduce pain. If you have pain, tight movement, a niggling sports injury, or need better function and ability, this is a great option to get you back on track!
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Person being treated for low back pain

Lower Back Pain

Find relief from low back pain with our expert help! Low back pain is just a description, but the root cause can be complex. Our experienced professionals consider all factors, from anatomy to posture, to uncover the source of your discomfort. With a comprehensive evaluation, we can determine if your pain is related to your back's anatomy, movement patterns, or underlying medical issues.
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Physio working on patient with shoulder injury

Shoulder Injuries

The shoulder joint is complex and susceptible to injury due to its mobility and force-producing ability. There are many different types of shoulder conditions. They can be related to structures including the rotator cuff, glenohumeral joint (GH joint) and acromioclavicular joint (AC joint), and can also be related to other structures such as our neck and back. With a comprehensive approach to assessment and treatment, we provide personalised and effective solutions to alleviate your shoulder pain.
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Person holding onto ankle due to recent injury

Ankle Injuries

Don't let ankle pain hold you back! The ankle is a complex joint, allowing for multi-directional movement. But with that mobility comes the risk of injury. From common sports-related injuries to chronic conditions, our experts are here to help. With a focus on correct management and prevention, we provide personalised and effective solutions to alleviate your pain and get you back to living life to the fullest.
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Dry needling on ankle

Dry Needling

Dry needling is a tried and tested treatment method has been developed over decades, with research showing its effectiveness in reducing pain and improving tissue inflammation. From neck pain and headaches to improved joint and muscle function, dry needling provides a targeted solution to your discomfort.
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plantar fascitis treatment physio cheltenham

Heel Pain / Plantar Fasciitis

Say goodbye to foot pain with effective plantar fasciitis treatment! The plantar fascia is a vital component in the mechanics of walking, running, and jumping, providing support to the arch of your foot. But when it becomes tight and irritated, it can lead to pain in the heel of your foot. Our experts understand the unique and sensitive nature of fascia and provide personalised solutions to alleviate your plantar fasciitis symptoms and get you back to moving with ease.
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neck pain

Neck Pain

Say goodbye to neck pain with expert care! The neck is more than just a collection of joints and muscles supporting and moving the head. It's also home to vital pathways for food, breath, and nerve system function, as well as seven vertebrae forming joints in our cervical spine. With expert care and treatment, our physiotherapists address neck pain by considering the musculoskeletal system, the hydraulic load-absorbing discs, the muscles and ligaments holding the cervical spine together, and the nerves, vascular and muscular structures that can cause pain. Get back to simple daily activities with ease, and say goodbye to neck pain today!
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treatments for knee pain

Knee Injuries

Say goodbye to knee pain and hello to pain-free mobility! Knee injuries can impact anyone, no matter the age. Whether it's Osgood-Schlatter disease in the young or ACL injuries in active individuals, or chronic conditions like Osteoarthritis in the elderly, it's crucial to prioritise knee health. Don't let knee pain limit your daily activities, discover the importance of knee care today!
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