How is Back Pain affecting your Life?

Peak MSK Physiotherapy is committed to helping you effectively manage your low back pain. We understand that each person’s back pain is as unique as their fingerprint and have therefore embraced this new technology, ViMove. With this we can help you manage your low back pain through understanding of your own movements, postures and muscle activity.

The Tech

ViMove, developed by dorsaVi, was created and developed in Melbourne. It utilises wireless accelerometry and electromyography (EMG) sensors​, which are attached to your lower back (lumbar region).

These sensors allow measurements of acceleration, angle, deviation, impact and vibration allowing accurate and objective measurement of movements and muscle activities in the lower back in real-time, essentially removing the guesswork from clinical assessments.

​For the clinician, this opens up therapeutic options in pain management, occupational health, and sport and musculoskeletal rehabilitation. More importantly for you, this means that your clinician can better understand the unique features of your movements and postures that may be contributing to your personal back pain.

How Vi-Move Works
Low Back Assessment using Vi-Move

Discrete, easy to fit sensors are placed on the back and record the body’s movement both in and away from the clinic. This information can then be used to promote positive movement patterns and posture empowering you to manage and reduce your low back pain. The sensors can also be used for real time feedback and training of better movement patterns.

Monitoring your body's movements in real-time has a number of benefits. One such benefit is that a clinician is able to monitor and see the complex relationship of your pain to the movements that you make. As these are identified, the clinician can then help you retrain the way you move and so can promote effective, real-time changes towards healthier movement in the work, sports and home environments.

What ViMove can do for you

ViMove is utilised in a series of steps:


A baseline of your movements is recorded during a physical assessment, giving the clinician insight into your movement patterns, muscle activity, and pain. 


Your movements, postures, pain and activity levels are assessed for up to 24 hours while you are not at the clinic. This provides real-world information on how your pain is associated with your movements, postures and activity levels throughout your day, highlighting concerns relating to your occupation or daily activities


Your clinician will diagnose movement patterns using the in-built software and, when you return to the clinic, your movement data will be shown to you. This allows you and the clinician to immediately recognise sub-optimal movement patterns and correct them as you go.


Your clinician can customise the device according to your personal movement patterns, allowing tailored alerts and vibrations from the sensors when your movements and postures are incorrect or sub-optimal. This allows continuous rehabilitation when away from the clinic, and also helps you to become aware of exactly how you are moving. 

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