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General Privacy Policy
Peak MSK Physiotherapy endorses information handling practices and uses of information in compliance with its obligations under State and Federal Legislation including but not limited to the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth.) and the Health Records Act 2001 (Vic.). Any information provided, including identification of individuals, will be used only for the purpose/s intended and where the intention includes confidentiality, information will be treated as such unless otherwise required by law.

Why does Peak MSK Physiotherapy need to collect information about me?
Information collected about you is used for the purposes of assessing and managing your treatment. It is used and stored in a professional and secure manner. We understand that the nature of the services we provide means that much of the information gathered is sensitive and we have strict policies in place about who can access your information and staff are required to maintain your privacy.

What information will Peak MSK Physiotherapy collect about me?
Each patient of Peak MSK Physiotherapy has a paper and computer medical record that contains:

  • your name and contact details
  • the contact details of your local doctor and next-of-kin
  • details about your condition(s) and treatment(s).

Peak MSK Physiotherapy may also collect information from other providers if needed and add this to your record. This might include the situation where you are referred by a general medical practitioner.

How is my personal information used?

  • Staff who treat you use the information provided by you to make decisions about any tests, treatment or other care. Without this information, our staff would not be able to make the best decisions about your treatment.
  • Some information is retained about treatment for research and teaching purposes. However, any published material contains no personal identifying information.
  • You may be asked to provide information for case study purposes. If you agree you will be asked whether you are willing to sign a consent form.
  • We can be legally required to present your record in a court of law if asked and/or to provide records to Workcover, TAC or other relevant statutory bodies. In certain instances Peak MSK Physiotherapy may be required to provide information about your treatment to statutory bodies including Workcover and TAC (if applicable). Failure to provide requested information to these statutory organisations is likely to result in any claim made by you being refused or reduced. You agree that you have given your unreserved consent to Peak Musculoskeletal to provide such information and you indemnify Peak MSK Physiotherapy against any loss resulting from the information given.
  • Where a patient is referred by a general medical practitioner, it is not uncommon for our staff to write a letter to your general medical practitioner advising them of the treatment. Such communications are likely to include personal information to enable your condition and/or treatment to be properly described.

How can I access my information?
In accordance with privacy legislation, you are entitled to access any information we keep about you. Peak MSK Physiotherapy may charge reasonable copying and administration costs for the provision of this information and it may also stipulate a suitable period of time to enable it to comply with your request. As such, it is recommended that such requests are made well before the information is required by you.

How long is my record kept?
We are legally required to retain your records for seven years after your last visit.

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