Improve Your Game: Golfing Tips to Level Up 2/2

The rotator cuff plays a huge role in your golf swing and is frequently injured in lower handicap players (1). A simple theraband can go a long way to prevent injuries, physios will work with you to identify target shoulder weaknesses.

​Click on the image below to check out this great rotator cuff workout by Luca:

golfing tips

A targeted strength and mobility program for the back can not only reduce pain but it has also been shown to improve backswing hip turn and accuracy in golf (2). Physiotherapy programs will help you work towards a range of rotational movement as well as strengthen your back to handle rapid rotation during your swing.

Along with other areas, the hips have been recognised to contribute to maximising distance and accuracy in golf (3). Other studies have also recognised, a correlation between hip rotation range of motion asymmetry and low back pain, suggesting that golfers experiencing low back pain need to also take their hips into strong consideration.

While these are key parts to managing or preventing pain while maximising your golf, a tailored assessment and program based on your history and body is the key to success.

Watch our videos about Thoracic Spine Health for even more info! Click on the images below !

golfing tips golfing tips











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