Hampton Physiotherapist Swims the Cerberus at Half Moon Bay

Hi, Jayce here from Peak MSK Physiotherapy. I love a swim and last Saturday I did the 3km swim event at Half Moon Bay. It took 55 minutes and 35 seconds. That gave me time to think aboutswimmer’s shoulder and how to treat them at my specialist physiotherapy clinic in Hampton, Bayside Melbourne. I also realised that my red meat and red wine pre-event meal the night before was less than ideal.

At least I had stretched before, giving more pull through the water. Some causes of swimmer’s shoulder relate to a tight shoulder capsule. I routinely examine for this, in particular medial shoulder rotation. This gives the swimmer the propeller motion. Lose that range and and other shoulder structures like the rotator cuff tendon become overloaded.

Some swimmers put their shoulders through 16,000 rotations per day, so screening and physiotherapy treatment is key. Have a look at Lynch (2010) if you like the subject.

Lynch, S. S. et al. (2010). The effects of an exercise intervention on forward head and rounded shoulder postures in elite swimmers. Br J Sports Med, 44(5), 376-381.

So if you’re in strife with your shoulder, swimming, playing the cello or mowing the lawn, I’m happy to help. Find our details on the contact page.

To find out more about the Cerberus, check out the links below.



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