copy of common injuries in soccer (1)
Anterior Cruciate Ligament, ACL Tear Injury
A therapist performing Clinical Pilates
Physio demonstrating hamstring strength
A representation of a Frozen Shoulder
A representation of someone experiencing Thoracic Outlet Syndrome
Piriformis syndrome on back pain
Man experiencing osteoarthritis pain.
Person experiencing Hidden Dangers: Misdiagnosing sacroiliac joint dysfunction
Man in tennis sports to ace tennis elbow management.
Therapist helping a man with his sciatica.
Woman managing hamstring tear recovery
Managing Osteoarthritis
Shin Splints
Rotator Cuff
Woman with neck pain due to tendons
headache treatment
Runner experiencing groin strain pain
A step-by-step representation to a Thoracic Spine treatment and pain-free living
A woman experiencing De Quervain’s tenosynovitis
A woman managing shoulder impingement
Man experiencing and managing knee pain
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* Conferred by Fellowship of the Australian College of Physiotherapists in 2010