Tech Strain: Growing Youth Injuries

Children worldwide are starting to complain now more than ever of musculoskeletal discomfort… Students are using laptop computers and tablets more in the classroom and in their free time to stay connected, but there are consequences: neck, back and shoulder pain.

According to separate studies at Stellenbosch University and Boston University into laptop use and discomfort levels, more than 50% of school and university students said they already experienced pain attributed to the computer. A shocking one in seven said they experienced pain after working on a computer for just one hour.

This is of concern to me as the musculoskeletal system and posture are still developing. Commonly the ergonomics of class desks and equipment don’t match every child and last week I was recommending simple changes to one young patient’s workstation at school.

Parents need to not only monitor technology use but instil to kids stretching and exercising know how to certain muscles to prevent physical problems later. Here at Peak MSK, we are available to advise and assist.

Cool runnings over Spring to all. Time for me to get off the computer…

youth injuries
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