Conquer Back Pain: Expert Solutions for Lasting Relief

Back Pain is a common ailment
Eight out of ten people have some form of back pain during their lives

Back pain is a very common ailment. Eight out of ten people have some form of back pain during their lives. For some it is acute and brought on by an injury, but for some it is a chronic long-term condition that never seems to go away.

Both acute and chronic back pain is helped by developing the proper treatment regimes including a goal-focused exercise program. Many people become confused between the types of help available for back pain and have difficulty deciding between physiotherapy and alternative treatments.
Physiotherapists manipulate the spine and muscles in order to treat a stiff joint to achieve relaxation, improved motion and pain relief effects.

Physiotherapy also uses a well-developed exercise plan and the specific activation of certain muscle groups to alleviate stress and pain from affected areas.

These natural and safe methods are of great value to someone suffering from an injury or acute pains and can solve the problems that are brought on by inadequate muscle structure or health habits.

Many back pains are caused by insufficient muscle development in the back, abdomen, and legs. These inadequacies also affect how you carry yourself and your posture which also leads to increased back troubles.
For people with jobs or pastimes that involve strain on the back learning how to properly develop the muscles that support the back is vital. A specialist musculoskeletal physiotherapist can provide a long-term solution for back problems and severe back pain brought on by such activities as well as by improper health habits.

Back Pain Experts at Peak MSK Physiotherapy

See Jayce Gilbert,specialist musculoskeletal physiotherapist* (as awarded by the Australian College of Physiotherapists in 2010*). His specialised skill is to address long standing problems that have been resistant to change over time or with previous treatments. Your specialist musculoskeletal physiotherapist at Peak MSK Physiotherapy, will help you determine what the underlying drivers of your back issues are and give you a plain language explanation of the problem and easy to follow instructions on how to solve them and may include scheduled visits to their practice to make sure your routines are being applied correctly.

Intensive therapy sessions will help with your rehabilitation during exercise. This is very important to continue as when you perform exercises by yourself at home it is easy to slip into improper techniques that can actually cause more damage than good.

It is basic human tendency to do things the easiest way possible, unfortunately, that often leads to bad form during exercises. Keeping your scheduled appointments with us will ensure that you are doing the routines as instructed and keep you on track.

More Information on Physiotherapy

For more information on how physiotherapy can help you get relief from back pain, contact us (03) 9533 5305. We will discuss your problems and help you develop a way to control your pain and strengthen your back so you can get rid of acute or chronic back pain ailments for good.

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* Conferred by Fellowship of the Australian College of Physiotherapists in 2010