Workforce Recovery: Occupational Rehabilitation by Physio

Occupational rehabilitation is the process of restoring function to injured workers so they can return to work. Rehabilitation professionals assess the needs of the person and the demands of the workplace in order to develop a plan of action to get the employee back to work that is suitable to him/her. Depending on the type of injury, the individual may have to be trained in a new line of work.

Physiotherapists are involved in the multidisciplinary practice of occupational rehabilitation. Some of the problems treated by them include neck pain, arthritis, back pain, spinal cord injuries. A Specialist Musculoskeletal
 has the sophisticated expertise and skills to limit the disability and pain, allowing for return to work.

Increased computer usage has resulted in a growing number of people seeking occupational rehabilitation because of carpal tunnel syndrome and neck-arm pains. Other common work injuries are spine disorders especially among those who work with heavy machinery. Physiotherapists work together with you improve your posture (standing as well as sitting), the ergonomics of the workplace and the way you performs your duties. Many problems like shoulder, back and neck pain, which were chronic, have been improved by making adjustments in workplace ergonomics and posture.

Proper positioning during typing, filing and other office duties can go a long way in alleviating worker injuries and complaints, not to mention increasing productivity. Short, frequent breaks such as standing for about 30 seconds every 20 or 30 minutes provides a necessary break for your muscles.

Occupational rehabilitation is a necessary adjunct to the broad spectrum of health care. By taking advantage of this service, employees can prevent loss of wages due to injuries and can enjoy a more productive working environment. Employers can preserve their bottom line by avoiding decreased man-hours and medical expenses. Either way everyone benefits.

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